Wildhearted Purpose


Wildhearted Purpose By Kris Franken


Reconnect with Your Wild Heart through Meditative Journeys and Sacred Rituals

When it comes to living your greatest purpose, let wildflowers be your muse. With dozens of simple and inspiring practices, this book helps you discover the dreams of your soul, design your unique map of personal growth, and live authentically through nature.

Building on the wisdom in The Call of Intuition, Kris Franken shares a wide variety of journal prompts, rituals, guided journeys, and other exercises that lead you toward your full potential. Her inspiring words and step-by-step guidance show you how to plant your vision for the future and nurture it into reality. By embracing your kaleidoscope of gifts, you can find the purpose already imbued in the light of your being and learn to bloom along the unmarked paths of life.


"Through this book, Kris Franken will help guide you into your own wildhearted adventure within yourself."—Emily A Francis, author of The Taste of Joy

"A life-changing guide of self-exploration and freedom...A must-read for those seeking to find themselves, envision a better life, design it in personal truth, and bloom into the destiny of joy and purpose!"—Erin Byron, author of Complete Recovery from Trauma

"Kris has crafted vibrant guided journeys, soul-deep rituals, and words that read like poetry to show us how, through Mama Earth, we can remember ourselves and embrace our purpose."—Samantha Brennan, writer and editor

"An uplifting and inspiring read that speaks directly to the soul...Weaving together story, breathtaking visualizations and journal practices, this book is not just an invitation, but a wildhearted embodiment of what it means to live deeply embedded in a Sacred New Earth."—Heidi Wedd, herbalist, alchemist, and author of Wild Flower Walker

"If you've forgotten what kind of wildflower you are, this beautiful, poetic book can help you remember and rewild...Working slowly through the pages of this book might just be the life changing experience you are looking for."—Andrea Mathews, author of Letting Go of Good

"Wildhearted Purpose beautifully connects human nature to flowers that grow in all kinds of conditions...This book is a great resource, especially for those who are feeling self-conscious or out of place."—Jessica Marie Baumgartner, author of The Magic of Nature

"An outstanding nature-based illumination of purpose...I enjoyed the journey immensely."—James Endredy, author of Shamanic Alchemy

"Super engaging and filled with fun and meaningful practices and exercises, this is a book that you will refer to for years to come."—Melissa Alvarez, author of 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency and Your Psychic Self

"Wildhearted Purpose is an enchanting adventure that is sure to open your heart and get your creative and soulful energy flowing."—Sherrie Dillard, best-selling author of I'm Still With You

"This book is powerful! It provides you with an organic journey which will lead you back to your authentic self...This book will help you to put into practice your dreams, your visions, your authenticity."—Granddaughter Crow, author of Wisdom of the Natural World

"This book shines a light on the discovery of finding and unleashing the wildest version of you, and it is deliciously potent."—Phoenix LeFae, author of Witches, Heretics, and Warrior Women 

"Kris's words weave a rich and vibrant path of self-discovery. This book is a beautiful guide to finding your own true source of magic."—Sarah McLeod, Vision Weaver and author of Spirit Guidance

"In some magical way, Kris is able to connect Mother Earth, creativity, entrepreneurship, and heart wisdom into one cohesive whole."—Coral Newberry, Shamanic energy medicine practitioner and spiritual teacher

"This book is the start of a love affair with your soul, and in reading this, you will inevitably feel Kris's healing words permeate your being."—Nicole Mathieson, author of The Beauty Load

"Kris Franken's lightness of being is balanced by her grounded sensibilities when transcribing complex spiritual matters into easily understood concepts for the progressing soul."—Melanie Spears, author of The Gratitude Diary

ISBN-13: 9780738773544
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: February 2023
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 296 pages
Size: 5 x 8 x 1 IN