About House 9 Emporium

Founded in 2022 in beautiful Colorado, USA, we are an online sage shop, metaphysical supply store, and book store. Our offerings are ever-expanding and for now include unique healing crystals, carved stones, beautiful tarot & oracle cards, ritual and decorative candles, essential oils, herbs, a wide variety of smudges and incense, altar & ritual tools, pagan products, chakra balancing tools, books on a multitude of subjects, crystal & indie jewelry, and handmade art. Our store supports an array of faiths and practices and a range of experience levels.

House 9 Emporium came to exist as a resource for you as you navigate your spiritual journey, wherever on that journey you might presently be. Our world is a busy one and so many of us have gotten caught up in the daily grind of our professional lives and relational obligations, we have lost sight of who we are. Self-care often becomes low priority and we find ourselves struggling with finding and maintaining direction. We at House 9 want to help with that. Helping to remind you of your own limitless magic and power is our intention behind every item we offer.

Both our store and online community are sources of love, light, validation, and support. Please come hang out with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok! We would love to have you. We will post updates as far as in-person events go as our schedule becomes available. Until then, please stop by any of the platforms we are on and say hello and see what we’re up to in the land of metaphysical supply!

Warmest Wishes,

House 9 Emporium Team