Unakite, Raw Healing Crystal


Unakite Metaphysical Properties:

The Unakite crystal's third eye chakra activation can assist users in unlocking their clairvoyant potential. A combination of pink orthoclase feldspar and green epidote, the Unakite stone is a metamorphic rock that facilitates physical and psychological equilibrium, inspiring its user to take charge of their destiny and recognize what is real and true. This mineral is especially suitable for those who yearn to reconcile the past and nurture their inner vision. 

Unakite is a stone believed to be deeply connected to psychic vision. It is a semi-precious stone said to open the third eye, perfect for spiritual scrying and meditation. A unique combination of pink, green and gray hues, Unakite can inspire profound insight and connection with the spiritual realm.

Sizes vary between pieces but average ~1.5"-2"