Third Eye Chakra Mala Lapis Apatite Amethyst Fluorite Purple Phantom Quartz Purple Jade Lepidolite Lilac Kunzite


Also known as the Seat of Intuition, the Third Eye, or Ajna, Chakra is located in the center of your forehead and is linked to the pituitary gland. This gland is considered to be the "master" gland and regulates serotonin among many other functions. The 3rd Eye Chakra is the 6th chakra and is associated with the color Indigo. A balanced third eye leads to better sleep quality as well as heightened intuition and creativity. A balanced third eye will also lead to an easier time with meditative practices and an overall grounded and clear feeling. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli meaning: Lapis lazuli is a stone said to promote honesty and allows one to look past the ego. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful healing stone that can help strengthen and protect your immunity, respiratory and nervous systems. The vibrational properties of Lapis Lazuli can also provide natural pain relief and relaxation and encourages self-awareness.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite metaphysical properties: Blue Apatite is a powerful stone of manifestation attuned to the future. Stimulating the intellect, it enhances psychic abilities and encourages spiritual development. Connecting the conscious and subconscious mind, this stone facilitates deep inner reflection and insight, allowing one to gain a higher level of knowledge and freedom. With Blue Apatite, discovery and growth become a process of self-alignment and realization.


Amethyst metaphysical properties: With its soft purple hue, Amethyst connects us to the crown chakra and energizes us to align with our higher purpose. Benefit from its soothing properties to reduce stress and stay connected to your goals. Amethyst has purifying and calming properties, creating an ideal atmosphere for spiritual cleansing. Amethyst metaphysical properties make it also useful in a money spell as it helps to calm the nerves around money issues.  Amethyst is said to offer spiritual wisdom and is a natural stress reliever. Amethyst brings with it qualities to quell sadness, anger, and irritability. It sparks quiet strength and encourages higher-purpose thinking. 


Fluorite is said to be an amazing stone for helping to alleviate challenges with ADHD and Concentration.  It is supportive of clear discernment to help with decision making. Fluorite is said to be powerful stabilizing stone, useful for grounding spiritual energy. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and has been found to be beneficial in boosting confidence and concentration. It is the perfect addition to a crystal collection for anyone experiencing burnout or a “dark night of the soul”. It enhances your aura and raises vibrations, allowing for more clarity of mind regarding spiritual matters. hances your aura and raises vibrations, allowing for more clarity of mind regarding spiritual matters.

Purple Phantom Quartz

Purple Phantom Quartz Metaphysical Properties: Purple Phantom Quartz is said to promote spiritual attunement and guidance in finding a soul path. Super 7 minerals are believed to be incredibly strong together, strengthening all of the chakras and helping users access ancient wisdom. 

Purple Jade

Purple Jade Metaphysical Properties: Purple Jade is said to be able to help us remain both grounded and awakened. It aids in developing and maintaining clarity and to meet our inner and outer worlds with an open heart and a wise mind. It strengthens our intuition and protects our aura. 


Lepidolite  Metaphysical Properties: Lepidolite is a powerful stone that is known for its ability to bring peace and emotional balance. It is thought to provide nurturing and calming energy that can help those suffering from addictions and mental illness. Additionally, it may help alleviate stress and open the mind, allowing for a deeper connection with one's higher self.


Discover the healing properties of mala beads. Used in spiritual practice and meditation rituals since the 12th century, these unique tools are said to aid in relaxation and mental focus. Each set contains hand carved gemstone beads, each believed to carry their own unique positive energy and good vibes. Every bead is cleansed energetically prior to being chosen for each unique set and then each set is hand-strung and hand-knotted with intention and an energetic focus. No two stands are the same and each are made with intention knowing they will find their home with the exact person who needs them.

Each mala contains 108 beads, representing spiritual identity and connection with the universe. In meditation the idea is to run through the stand touching one bead at a time, using each movement as an opportunity to focus on a breath or mantra. This process creates positive spiritual energy and acts as a meditation aid to help the user have a tangible tool to focus on. Strand measures approximately 44" and hit roughly at sacral level. Beads are generally  8mm. Size and material of guru and accent beads vary from design to design. All of our malas are primarily made of semi-precious stones and nylon cord. We do at times add some beads of varying materials for aesthetic purposes. Please feel free to ask if you would like more information on any embellishments used in any particular mala. We also make custom malas, so feel free to reach out to order the perfect one made just for you.