The Sacred Art of Brujeria



The Sacred Art of Brujeria By Katrina Rasbold


Answer Brujería's Call and Become a Magical Healer

Featuring hands-on exercises, simple techniques, and how-to instruction from a professional bruja, this beginner-friendly guide is the best choice for understanding and practicing Brujería—the healing witchcraft of Mexico and the American Southwest. The Sacred Art of Brujería is adapted from a twelve-month series of classes and presents a wide variety of topics, including magical tools, the body's energetic systems, and effective spellcasting.

This practical book covers everything from the history and divine figures of Brujería to the healing, protection, and money magic that you can use in daily life. Explore power words and breath work, treat spiritual maladies, perform different types of limpias (cleansings and clearings), and learn about Brujería as a business. Katrina Rasbold gives you an insider's look at this sacred practice and how it helps others as well as yourself.


"Rasbold, herself a bruja of many years standing, explains clearly what Brujería is (and isn't), sharing the depth and detail of practices, methodologies, and self-strengthening required to become a bruja or brujo. Her writing style is lucid and fluid, and even those who do not wish to become a practitioner will find this volume absorbing. A welcome book on a little-explored magical practice, The Sacred Art of Brujería is highly recommended."
—Corbie Mitleid, author of The Psychic Yellow Brick Road

"The Sacred Art of Brujería is an outsider's guide to the inner workings of a magical system rarely revealed to noninitiates…But now, thanks to this comprehensive work by Katrina Rasbold, a veritable bruja herself, we finally have an English language gateway to truly understanding Brujería. Everything from limpias to energy manipulation to even knowing how to talk business between client and practitioner can be found in here, all while bridging the cultural divide so that all of us anywhere can learn and benefit from this sacred tradition."
—Tomás Prower, author of La Santa Muerte

"The Sacred Art of Brujería is an astute and accessible look into a profound and sometimes misunderstood spiritual path. Katrina opens up the door to allow more understanding for those of us who are reverently curious and a gateway to a new way of being for those who have been chosen for this divine work."
—Madame Pamita, author of The Book of Candle Magic

"Katrina Rashbold artfully blends history, folklore, and the everyday practices of Brujería in this powerhouse book. The Sacred Art of Brujería is an engaging read that's hard to put down. What is evident on every page is the author's deep connection and reverence for this work. Brujería is often called a path of service, and this book honors that sacred pledge."
—Gwion Raven, author of The Magick of Food

"In The Sacred Art of Brujería, Katrina Rasbold paints a complete picture of Brujería. She paints with a brush of history, lore, and practice. I have watched Katrina's work with a combination of fascination and awe and am thankful for a glimpse into a world I had only imagined to exist. Thank you, Katrina, for bringing it to life."
—Jean (Drum) Pagano, author of Arise from Vapours

ISBN-13: 9780738762715
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: June 2020
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 256 pages
Size: 5 x 8 x 1 IN