The Limitless Soul


 The Limitless Soul By Bryn Blankinship


Access the Soul Level of Your Mind to Resolve Current Life Issues

Featuring numerous past life, afterlife, and future life case studies, The Limitless Soul invites you to explore the many aspects of a soul's existence. These narratives show that life is not a random series of events, and they can be used to gain insight into your soul's future while exploring earthly lessons for your current incarnation. Using her hypno-regression technique, Soul Expression Spiritual Regression (SESR), author Bryn Blankinship explains how revisiting certain times in your soul's history can bring resolution to long-standing issues and shift energies that are affecting your current life incarnation. This enlightening book carries universal messages and offers hands-on exercises, meditations, and practices for awakening your soul’s guidance. With it, you'll discover your personal gifts and a deeper understanding of your place in this world.


"The Limitless Soul is a brilliantly in-depth exploration of lives: past, present, future, and life between lives. . . . Practical exercises at the end of each chapter build on the idea of opening yourself up to joy and clarity. Bryn's own unique technique, SESR, is a way to uncover and discover your path on the memory continuum. . . . As a past-life regressionist for over thirty years, I highly recommend this book as a great way to open up new resources to reconnect with your passion and purpose in life."—Yvonne Oswald, PhD, award-winning international speaker and author of Every Word Has Power

"Bryn Blankinship shares stories of everyday people in this thought-provoking voyage through the spiritual realms. . . . Through Bryn's clients’ stories and hands-on exercises, readers can learn to connect with their soul’s wisdom on a deeper level. Reading this book is like having your own spiritual GPS to help you discover why you're here and unlock the mystery of repeating patterns in your life."—Samantha Fey, cohost of the podcast Enlightened Empaths

"Bryn Blankinship takes the reader on a dynamic journey using hindsight into their past lives and in-between lives, giving them a firmer footing along their soul's path in their current incarnation. This book is enlightening and insightful."—Lynn Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of the Medicine Woman series

"Bryn Blankinship takes us on a fascinating, mind-expanding journey. . . . [She gives us] a glimpse of the spiritual realms of the soul, where, with the assistances of guides, elders, beings of light, and other-dimensional beings, we remember who we truly are, and what we’re doing here on Earth. Bryn also offers practical exercises to help us become more attuned to our soul's guidance."—Carol Bowman, author of Children's Past Lives and Return From Heaven

"Bryn Blankinship is a wonderful writer and hypnotherapist trained by the maestro himself, Michael Newton (Journey of Souls). In The Limitless Soul, she continues his research into the between-lives realm."—Richard Martini, filmmaker and author of Flipside, It's a Wonderful Afterlife, and Hacking the Afterlife

ISBN-13: 9780738758886
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: June 2019
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 240 pages
Size: 5 x 8 IN