Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex


Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex By Somraj Pokras, Jeffre Talltrees Phd


The definitive guide to sexual pleasure that will transform your lovemaking into something supernatural every time

Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex is an operation manual for generating powerful sexual energy. When you master the revolutionary techniques within, you too can flood your body and soul with sensational streams of electromagnetic passion. Now is the best time to learn how to soar on erotic updrafts that will take you to a higher realm of sacred sex. Not only will your ultimate climax be more powerful, but you and your partner will float in a lasting state of ecstasy in a rare orbit of divine communion together.

When you know how to power-up your sexual electricity system using the time-honored techniques of Tantra, you can achieve a continuously orgasmic state of shared passion known as supernatural sex. This groundbreaking guidebook reveals dozens of erogenous zones so you can experience the many different kinds of orgasm. Discover how to hit the "sweet spots" to unleash vast tides of dormant sexual energy. Explore more than sixty exercises designed to help you liberate vast oceans of kundalini, the spiritual force that supports the blending of hearts and the merging of souls


"Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex has everything any lover needs who wants to harness the dormant powers of their libido and sex drive. In simple steps, it suggests ways to make sexual intercourse more loving, more electric, and more orgasmic. Its 'supernatural' angle shows how to catapult all kinds of erotic encounters beyond the ordinary. This down-to-earth lovemaking manual is easy and fun to read solo or together for men, women, and same sex partners of all ages and experience."—Caroline Muir, author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving and Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening

"Jeffre TallTrees and Somraj Pokras have written a book based upon their years of study and research into what makes a truly fulfilling sexual relationship. With their new book they join the ranks of important contributors to the evolution of human sexuality. I highly recommend this book."—Johanina Wikoff, PhD, psychotherapist and author of Complete Idiot's Guide to the Kama Sutra

"Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex uses yogic breathing, movement, and sensibilities to enhance sexual pleasure. And if youuo;re not into yoga, the book provides a welcome introduction to kundalini, the ancient Indian term for sexual energy, and guides you through new and exciting ways to think about making love."—Michael Castleman, author of Great Sex and the All About Sex blog for Psychology Today

"From the very first page, Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex by Jeffre TallTrees, PhD, and Somraj Pokras speaks to exactly what you want to experience sexually with your partner. It encompasses all the essential ingredients that generate passionate lovemaking, including chemistry, energy, and electricity. It offers user friendly techniques to harness them in a way that will promote extraordinary sex. It is a must read for those who are looking to bring vitality and a re-energized sense of life to their intimate time together, so as to take their shared pleasure to a new horizon."—Dr. Jane Greer, New York–based marriage and sex therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship

"Jeffre and Somraj take us into the most intimate moments of sexual union to show us that ecstasy is the most blissful path to the divine. Let these two masters who have tasted the infinite lead you to discover new realms of intimacy, love, and enlightenment!"—Alberto Villoldo, PhD, bestselling author of One Spirit Medicine and Shaman, Healer, Sage

"Somraj and Jeffre capture their combined 46 years of experience in Tantric practices with elegance and fun. They have revised classic techniques to match their personal style and present information clearly. Their depth of knowledge and understanding of the lineage allows the reader to quickly understand this beautiful practice with clarity."—Nisi & Thor, founders of Tahoe Tantra

"When you read this book, I am certain that you will recognize the experience that happens every time you enter into your den of love. It’s magic, mystical, and supernatural."—Joy Day, CEO of Joy Day Wellness

ISBN-13: 9780738760230
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: July 2019
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 288 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN