Stunning High Quality Smoky Quartz Necklace | Rough Quartz Crystal Pendant | Gold Plated Smoky Quartz Crystal Necklace


Experience the allure of simplicity with our Raw Smoky Quartz Necklace featuring a gold plated cap elegantly paired with a plated gold chain. This pendant effortlessly merges beauty and elegance, making it the perfect accessory for everyday wear, ensuring you can bask in its potent energy on a deeply personal level.

Raw crystals possess an inherent advantage - their energy is undeniably potent!

Smoky Quartz is a captivating variety of quartz crystal renowned for its unique and enchanting appearance. Its defining features and characteristics make it a distinctive and popular choice in the world of gemstones and crystal healing. Smoky Quartz, as the name suggests, possesses a remarkable smoky or grayish-brown transparency that ranges from light, almost colorless, to deep, rich shades of brown. Smoky Quartz can vary in clarity, from almost completely transparent to cloudy, owing to the presence of natural inclusions and irradiation, which create its signature smoky color.

In the realm of crystal healing, Smoky Quartz is often associated with grounding, protection, and stress relief. It is believed to help dissipate negative energy and promote a sense of balance and calm. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking emotional stability and mental clarity.

Elevate your style, energy, and aura with our Beautiful, Simple, Elegant Raw Crystal Clear Quartz Pendant. Let its timeless beauty and remarkable energy become an integral part of your daily life, enhancing your journey toward positivity and well-being.

Each pendant is roughly ~1 tall tip to tip. Each piece is unique and the photos on this listing are representative of what you will receive but actual piece received will vary slightly due to its natural and rough state. Each pendant order includes an 18 inch chain.