Solar Plexus Chakra Mala Citrine Calcite Tiger's Eye Carnelian Mookaite Pyrite Sunstone (Heliolite) Natural Gemstone 8mm bead Mala Prayer Beads Necklace


Envelop yourself in serene energy with this luminous Solar Plexus Chakra Mala; a statement-making necklace crafted from natural gemstones to ignite your willpower, intellect, and ego. This exclusive piece symbolizes the light and warmth of the Manipura Chakra, delivering a powerful sense of energy to uplift you.


Citrine Spiritual Meaning: Citrine is a wonderful addition to a money spell or abundance ritual. Citrine is said to be a powerful stone of transformation, enhancing energy levels and dissipating negative energy. Its cheerful yellow hue brings optimism and helps to bring positivity and prosperity into your life. Citrine harmonizes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, providing balance and strengthening the intuition. Citrine is excellent for cleansing and recharging the chakras, helping to channel healing energy. Wear Citrine bracelets and rings on your dominant hand for best results.


Calcite metaphysical properties: is a beautiful and powerful crystal that is said to promote healing and self-growth. It can help us gain strength and clarity, as well as a better understanding of our power and how to use it responsibly. Honey Calcite can aid in recovering from toxic or abusive situations and can boost self-worth and confidence. As a powerful crystal, it helps to overcome obstacles and can bring about positive change.


Sunstone (Heliolite) properties: Sunstone is an ideal choice for people looking to improve mental health, boost leadership qualities, or explore different ways of thinking. Sunstone's powerful properties can help keep negative thoughts away and uplift spirits, resulting in better overall wellbeing and an improved mood. It's also known as the stone of joy and leadership. Sunstone is a wonderful crystal for depression.  Sunstone is linked to the root chakra and sacral chakra.


 Carnelian Benefits: Carnelian embodies the often stifled fiery and passionate nature of our being. Carnelian ignites the hearth of your soul to create sparks of curiosity and ambition. It grounds you in the present and is excellent for restoring motivation, or "lighting a fire". Carnelian also has the ability to cleanse other stones, making it an excellent addition to your collection. This stone is said to help teach you to trust yourself again and sharpens mental clarity. When placed near the entrance of your space, Carnelian invites abundance and evokes protection. Carnelian makes a great gift for those of advanced age and those suffering from depression. 


Mookaite meaning - Mookiate has long been believed to provide a calming, nurturing presence and to help us stay grounded in times of change. It purportedly enables us to make decisions with greater clarity and to persevere through stress. As an earthly stone, it is believed to assist us in staying present in the moment and making decisions based on the current circumstances.


Pyrite meaning - Pyrite is a powerful fire stone. Its strength is said to lie in its ability to resolve fear of failure or fear of how the world respond to us. For Leos who are usually self-assured and confident, Pyrite can nurture this quality within them, preventing any fears from destroying their confidence

Tiger's Eye:

Tiger's Eye Meaning - Tiger Eye is said to boost confidence and attract abundance, and is also said to bring enhanced clarity and imagination. Tigers Eye is said to be a protective stone, and one of reason over emotion. It assists you in reaching goals and promotes clarity of intent. It is useful for recognizing the needs of other people as well as yourself. It is especially useful in resolving issues of unfounded self-criticism, blocked creativity, and lack of self-worth. It makes a wonderful divination tool when dealing with questions around money and resources. 

Discover the healing properties of mala beads. Used in spiritual practice and meditation rituals since the 12th century, these unique tools are said to aid in relaxation and mental focus. Each set contains hand carved gemstone beads, each believed to carry their own unique positive energy and good vibes. Every bead is cleansed energetically prior to being chosen for each unique set and then each set is hand-strung and hand-knotted with intention and an energetic focus. No two stands are the same and each are made with intention knowing they will find their home with the exact person who needs them.

Each mala contains 108 beads, representing spiritual identity and connection with the universe. In meditation the idea is to run through the stand touching one bead at a time, using each movement as an opportunity to focus on a breath or mantra. This process creates positive spiritual energy and acts as a meditation aid to help the user have a tangible tool to focus on. Strand measures approximately 44" and hit roughly at sacral level. Beads are generally  8mm. Size and material of guru and accent beads vary from design to design. All of our malas are primarily made of semi-precious stones and nylon cord. We do at times add some beads of varying materials for aesthetic purposes. Please feel free to ask if you would like more information on any embellishments used in any particular mala. We also make custom malas, so feel free to reach out to order the perfect one made just for you.