Smoky Quartz Tumbled


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Smoky quartz is a powerful talisman for strengthening one's will and courage. Its subtle and grounding energy increases endurance, bringing emotional calmness and clarity. This beautiful and durable tumbled stone can be used for emotional grounding and spiritual growth, encouraging stability and strength in challenging times.

Smoky Quartz has a very calm and grounding energy and is a wonderful one to have around during a crisis when you must maintain a level head.

It reminds us of our tenacity and resilience. A supportive stone, it gives us support when its needed most and increases our ability to handle stress and grief. It can also help us to stay grounded when working with high-vibrational energies. Smoky Quartz has strong protective and purifying properties, and reminds us to be discerning and careful about who we claim as our spiritual teachers and associates.

Size: 1"-1 1/2"