Gorgeous Yellow Serpentine Healerite Tower


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Yellow Serpentine Crystal Meaning:

Yellow Serpentine is a dynamic gemstone that enhances the positive energy in your environment and fosters a deeper connection with your spiritual self. When you engage with Yellow Gold Serpentine, it fortifies a positive mindset and effectively dispels the negative energies that may surround you.

Yellow Serpentine is known for its remarkable ability to uplift the energy in any space, filling it with a warm and inviting aura. As you gaze upon this exceptional crystal tower, you'll be entranced by its vibrant, sunny hues and the subtle yet intricate patterns that adorn its surface. Its distinctive energy emanates an air of serenity, calming your mind and soothing your soul.

Serpentine is said to help to protect against negative energy and pollutants, while providing emotional and spiritual clarity. Its calming vibration creates a shield to protect from environmental stress and outside influences. Serpentine is a wonderful addition to a meditation practice. 

Weight: ~612 grams

Height: ~8.0"