Selenite Heart Pendant


Selenite Meaning: Selenite is said to be wonderful for all types of energy clearing. It has a fine vibration and brings clarity, opening the crown chakra and helps you to access angel consciousness and guidance. It is calming, instills peace, and is ideal for meditation. It has the ability to protect and shield your energy body as well as clear the energy of other crystals as well as your space.  It quickly unblocks any stagnant or negative energy to create a smooth flow of positive energy.  It is a very delicate gemstone that promotes serenity and spiritual growth and magnifies the energies of other gemstones used along with it.

This Selenite Heart Pendant is the perfect way to connect with higher energies and elevate your consciousness. Crafted from selenite crystal, its beautiful and luminescent qualities help clear and cleanse your aura while its healing properties provide you with a wide range of restorative benefits. Explore the world around you with this magical crystal jewelry. Selenite is a perfect companion to the full moon.  

Pendant measures ~1"