One (1) Stunning Rose Quartz Double Terminated Point, High Quality


Rose Quartz Meaning:

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, friendship, and beauty. It is said to boost relationships with others as well as a sense of self-love. Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and healing crystals available. It brings deep emotional healing and connection to the heart chakra and is a must when building a healing crystal collection or developing a practice using crystals. 

Our Natural Rose Quartz Double Terminated Points are captivating healing crystals renowned for their loving energies and harmonizing properties. Crafted from genuine Rose Quartz, each double terminated point is carefully hand-selected for its exceptional beauty and powerful metaphysical attributes.

  • Dimensions: Approximately 4 inches in length
  • Hand-polished to reveal the natural beauty and delicate pink hues of genuine Rose Quartz
  • Each point is one-of-a-kind, displaying subtle variations in color and shape
  • Suitable for crystal healing, spiritual practices, and home décor