Pyrite Tumbled Crystal Gemstone


Pyrite crystal spiritual meaning:

This Pyrite stone is believed to bring abundance, protection, strength and physical well-being. Pyrite is also known as the Fool's Gold Mineral. It is commonly used in money spells and protection spells.  Its powerful vibrations are known to stimulate the second and third chakras, allowing the wearer to experience an enhanced willpower. It is said to shield the user from negative energy and environmental pollutants. Because of this, Pyrite makes a great spiritual ally. It encourages creativity and manifestation, as well as increased energy levels. Pyrite provides the fire element, helping to increase stamina and support the nervous system.

Pyrite mining takes places in various places around the world. Pyrite crystal is a natural mineral famed for its gold-like effects, and sparkles when struck. Pyrite is widely distributed around the world, popularly found in hydrothermal veins, pegmatites, sedimentary rocks, and more. It also has magnetic properties, making it ideal for semiconductor use.

Each tumble weighs roughly 2oz.