Pink Calcite Triple Moon Goddess Carving


This Pink Calcite Triple Moon Goddess Carving is perfect for an altar or ritual centered around compassion and self-acceptance. 

Pink Calcite Meaning:

Calcite is said to have purifying and rejuvenating qualities. It assists us in gaining fresh perspective and instills a sense of joy & peace. Calcite is also helpful for the development of a grounded spiritual practice, bringing clarity to the soul. It helps to clear energetic blockages, and is a great addition to trauma-release work. This specific piece is a wonderful crystal for healing emotional trauma. I wish we could convey in photos the powerful love and peaceful warmth this tower radiates. 

Pink Calcite in particular is known as the Stone of Compassion and is said to have a gentle but powerful energy that heals the heart chakra. Helpful in releasing fear and grief and in forging a path for forgiveness, it is a stone of hope and maternal love, and assists in aligning with the Divine Mother. It helps to bring to the surface repressed memories and aides in healing those old traumatic wounds preventing us from fully recognizing our own power. It is calming, grounding, and is also useful in love rituals.