Pink Aragonite Small Mushroom Carved Stone | Pink Tchazar Crystal - Rare!


This Pink Aragonite is no ordinary stone! It's an ultra-rare, small mushroom carved Tchazar Crystal – perfect for amplifying your magical vibes. This one-of-a-kind crystal packs a powerful punch and is sure to add some mystical flavor to your day! (What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this hot commodity now!)

Pink aragonite meaning: Pink aragonite possesses a soothing and stabilizing energy, promoting a sense of ease and calm, particularly in matters of the heart. Aragonite is thought to be a stone that encourages discipline, centeredness, and peace. It aids in bringing you back to your core and can be utilized to alleviate stress and anger. By organizing mental chatter, aragonite helps restore order and harmony. Many energy workers use this gemstone to prepare for meditation, as it instills a serene and focused mindset. In its pink variation, aragonite becomes a stone of pure love and tranquility. It resonates with the Heart Chakra, fostering deeper, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships. Palm stones offer the convenience of portable magic—they retain the potent properties of the gem while remaining small enough to carry without feeling burdensome. 

The shapes of stones hold as much significance as the crystals themselves in influencing rituals and manifestations. One such shape, the mushroom, is considered a symbol of good luck and can enhance clarity, particularly benefiting the crown chakra when used. Incorporating multiple mushroom-shaped stones in a crystal grid or altar setup can amplify their effects.