Ocean Jasper Raw Crystal Stones


Ocean Jasper meaning:

Ocean Jasper is said to help you align your beliefs to your actions. It encourages you to take steps towards good works and service - to others and to yourself. With this stone, you can be an active force of goodness in the world and transform your beliefs into positive actions. 

Ocean Jasper is a powerful crystal for soul healing and spiritual growth. It helps us stay patient, understanding and accepting of both ourselves and others on our journey to enlightenment. Its calming energies help to uncover karmic ties and provide insight on how to use our past to gain wisdom and further our spiritual evolution.

 Ocean Jasper is a healing stone that brings calm, dependable energy and inspires self-acceptance and reliance. This crystal encourages you to rely on your inner strength and maintain positive relationships with supportive people in your life. 

Ocean Jasper is a powerful healing crystal that helps to build a safe and nurturing environment for healing emotional wounds. It encourages us to become the best caretaker for our own inner-child, emphasizing the importance of taking appropriate action to provide the necessary support. This crystal is a great aid for any who wish to embark on a journey of inner healing.

Ocean Jasper is said to provide crystal healing for many physical ailments, especially in women. They are known to assist with conditions such as eczema, tumors, body odor, oral infections, sleeplessness, hallucinations, PMS, depression, anxiety, bloating, and infertility. A perfect tool for crystal therapy. 

Ocean Jasper is also known as cellular jasper, ocean orbicular jasper, and Atlantis stone.

Each piece varies in shape and color but weigh approximately 1-2 oz.