Lemon Calcite Tower


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Yellow Calcite Meaning - Lemon Calcite is said to be a powerful tool for clearing energy blockages and restoring a positive flow. It offers an efficient, natural way to clear negative emotions and beliefs, improving your drive and focus in all areas of life. Its natural properties allow it to support personal growth and motivation, helping to create a space for reviving our own passions.

Weight: 518 grams

Height: 6"


 *Measurements may vary slightly, but are as accurate as possible due to the unique nature of crystals and shaped stones.

This is the exact piece you will receive.

Due to variances in screens/monitors and lighting, colors may vary somewhat. We don't enhance or manipulate our photos. Sizing and exact color can be difficult to convey in photos and videos, and crystals tend to appear larger in them. We try to add other objects in our photos to represent scale.

Please contact us before purchasing if you have any questions regarding sizing, colors, or other aspects so we can answer them and help you decide if it's the right crystal for your purposes. Thank you!