Larimar Crystal Chunk A Raw Healing Crystal


Larimar Crystal Chunk Healing Crystal | Larimar Meaning (Spirituality)

This beautiful gemstone is a rare and unique form of pectolite, with its striking hue of pale blue to bluish green. Highly prized for its rarity and beautiful pattern, Larimar is found in the Dominican Republic. With its distinctive swirl pattern and natural iridescent luster, Larimar is a captivating and exclusive gemstone.

Larimar can help foster serenity, allowing for a more balanced mentality, making it easier to come to clear thoughts. This gemstone lends itself to helping the soul realign with uninhibited childish joy, symbolizing Flexibility and Spontaneity.

Larimar is directly associated with the Throat Chakra which is where your capacity for self-expression, balance, and acceptance in difficult circumstances lives. Its powerful energy helps improve communication, increase confidence and clarity, and assists in bringing tranquility to your life. 

Size Range: 3/4" to 2"
Weight: 35g to 55g