Lapis Orgone Resin Pyramid - Third Eye Chakra



Orgone Pyramids are said to have ability to convert negative energy into positive and balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Some observed benefits are:

Stress relief

Supporting restful sleep

Detoxifying the air

Clearing negative energy

Increasing energy

Helping plants to flourish

Improving meditation, spiritual and psychological growth

Balanced moods

Orgone are used to counteract electromagnetic waves and the impact they have on our body.  Lapis is said to be a powerful tool to access the Third Eye Chakra and activate psychic abilities. At its core, Lapis Lazuli is said to possess therapeutic properties for physical ailments, spiritual enlightenment, and emotional healing. Its calming yet energizing effects can be used to eliminate negative energy, restore balance, and foster creative expression.

Width in Millimeters: 20