Labradorite Hamsa Hand of Fatima Crystal Carved Stone


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Labradorite meaning:

Labradorite is said to be a stone of mysticism, esoteric knowledge, and protection. It soothes and overactive mind and encourages imagination. It brings light and will deflect unwanted energy from entering your aura. Excellent stone for divination, deep meditation, and receiving messages from one’s Guides.

Please note photos are a representation of what you will receive. Due to the nature of the product, color and size will vary slightly from piece to piece. Each measure about 3" - 3.5" tall. Labradorite naturally has multi-tonal shifts of blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple. We would be honored to intuitively choose a stone for you but if you have a preference on color shift, reach out when you place your order and we will help you choose the perfect one for you, based on availability.