Incredible Rare Creedite Cluster Specimen


Unveil the captivating allure of this incredible Creedite Specimen – a terminated cluster of Creedite crystals, affectionately known as a creedite ball.

Creedite, renowned for its vibrant orange tones and distinct crystal arrangements, takes center stage in this terminated crystal cluster, showcasing the breathtaking brilliance and natural symmetry that make Creedite a prized gem. Whether you're a seasoned crystal connoisseur or just beginning your collection, this specimen is a must-have addition.

Creedite holds a mystique believed to encompass a realm of metaphysical attributes, deepening its natural charm. It's said to possess elevated vibrational energies, fostering spiritual awakening, clarity, and transformation. This particular specimen resonates with the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras, making it an ideal companion for those seeking spiritual balance and alignment.

Elevate your crystal assortment with the Rare Sparkling Creedite Specimen and let its radiant beauty ignite and guide your spiritual journey.

Weight: ~25 grams