Green Tremolite Polished Freeform Crystal Stone - High Quality Rare!


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Green Tremolite Metaphysical Properties: Tremolite is an exceptional crystal renowned for its high vibrational properties and its ability to emit a potent energy. 

This Green Tremolite Freeform from Pakistan is devoted to assisting your heart healing journey. Renowned as one of the most effective crystals for this purpose, Green Tremolite possesses remarkable qualities that promote the restoration of the heart. This magnificent gemstone has the power to open your heart to emotional connections, love, and compassion. It resonates harmoniously with the Heart Chakra and proves beneficial in trauma work. With its elevated vibrational energy, Green Tremolite brings forth a sense of peace and reinforces your confidence in matters of love. If you long to heal any issues pertaining to trust in love, this crystal is perfectly suited for you.

Green Tremolite holds profound metaphysical properties that work towards emotional balance. It alleviates feelings of anxiety and nervousness while aiding in the cultivation of self-assurance. This crystal is also renowned for its positive influence on relationships, maintaining a strong energetic connection between partners even when physical distance is present. It serves as a conduit for love and unity, making it ideal for individuals in long-distance relationships. Furthermore, Green Tremolite unveils any emotional patterns or themes that may hinder you from authentically expressing yourself within relationships.

Engage in meditation with this Green Tremolite Freeform, place it on your altar, or keep it by your bedside as a constant reminder that you are loved. However you choose to incorporate it into your practice, may this crystal guide you on a path of heart healing, fostering loving and healthy relationships in your life.

Stone is ~ 532 grams and 4" tall