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Introducing our Extra Large Natural Serpentine Carved Crystal Mushroom – a captivating fusion of nature's beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. This enchanting crystal mushroom is a true marvel, hand-carved from genuine serpentine, radiating an aura of serenity and grounding energies.


🍄 Nature's Finest: Our crystal mushroom is sourced from the depths of Mother Earth, meticulously chosen for its mesmerizing patterns and unique qualities. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, celebrating the diversity and splendor of nature.

🍄 A Symbol of Luck, Growth, and Renewal: Mushrooms have long been associated with luck, growth, renewal, and transformation. As you welcome this crystal mushroom into your space, it serves as a reminder of the constant evolution and renewal in life's journey.

🍄 Grounding Energy: Serpentine is renowned for its grounding properties, fostering a deep connection with the earth's energy. It brings a sense of stability, harmony, and inner peace, making it an ideal companion for meditation and spiritual practices. Incorporating multiple mushroom-shaped stones in a crystal grid or altar setup can amplify their effects.

This mushroom is larger and higher qualify than what you typically find. It measures ~3" tall and weighs ~ 179 grams. *PLEASE NOTE* a repair has been done on the top of the cap.