Gorgeous Unakite Puffy Crystal Heart | Carved Crystal Heart


Introducing the Unakite Puffy Crystal Heart, a gentle gem that whispers tranquility and harmony. This heart-shaped crystal showcases the soothing blend of pink and green hues found in unakite, a stone known for its comforting and grounding properties.

Cradling this puffy heart in your hand, you'll be drawn into its calming embrace, as if nature itself has reached out to offer solace. Unakite is believed to promote emotional balance, healing, and a deep connection to the natural world, making it the perfect companion for moments of reflection and inner peace.

Whether adorning your sacred space or kept close as a pocket charm, the Unakite Puffy Crystal Heart serves as a constant reminder of serenity and balance. Embrace its soothing energy and allow the gentle, healing essence of unakite to envelop your heart and spirit, offering a sense of calm in the midst of life's journey.