Firozi (Indian Turquoise) Orgone Resin Pyramid - Throat Chakra


Orgone Pyramids are said to have ability to convert negative energy into positive and balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Some observed benefits are:

Stress relief

Supporting restful sleep

Detoxifying the air

Clearing negative energy

Increasing energy

Helping plants to flourish

Improving meditation, spiritual and psychological growth

Balanced moods

Firozi (Indian Turquoise) is said to be an ideal tool to help you rest and center yourself. Featuring a blue-green hue that emanates a calming energy, it is perfect for relieving stress, controlling emotions, and encouraging clearer communication. Its powerful connection to the throat chakra will help improve your ability to express yourself with increased confidence and truth.

Balance your energy and de-stress the right way with our Orgone Resin Pyramid Set! MDF box with decorative cutouts and laser-engraved chakra symbols? Check! Counteraction of electromagnetic waves and their noxious effects? You bet! Take a load off and give yourself the gift of lowered stress, improved mental clarity, and more - you deserve it!

Width in Millimeters: 20