Exceptional Ethereal Peach Pink Stilbite Cluster Specimen


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Stilbite is a beautiful and fascinating mineral that belongs to the zeolite group. It is known for its delicate, intricate crystal structures and its typically peach to salmon-pink, peach, or creamy-white coloration. These soft colors give stilbite specimens an ethereal and inviting appearance.

Stilbite crystals form in a monoclinic crystal system, which means they have a unique, non-cubic, and often sheaf-like or bow-tie-shaped crystal structure. Stilbite crystals are typically tabular, and they can occur in clusters with multiple intergrown crystals. This structure is renowned for its intricate and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Stilbite has a vitreous to pearly luster, which adds to its overall beauty. The reflective qualities of the crystals contribute to their visual allure. Stilbite is often found in association with other zeolite minerals, such as heulandite and apophyllite. These combinations can create visually stunning and intricate mineral specimens.

Stilbite is believed to have metaphysical properties associated with emotional healing, relaxation, and inner peace. It is often used in crystal healing practices for its ability to promote a sense of calm and tranquility.

Height: ~2.5 inches
Width: ~4 inches
Weight: ~90 grams