Crystal Set - Tumbled Crystals for Moms


This Crystal Set is the perfect gift for any mom (or yourself!) who could use a boost of confidence and peace. Featuring stones chosen for their powerful qualities, this set creates a beautiful synergy of support for tackling the daily challenges of motherhood.

Being a parent is hard. I can say from personal experience that one of the parts of being a mother I struggled with the most was feeling like I had lost my sense of self and my connection to Spirit. My children are older now but looking back now I remember feeling so disconnected from my humanity and my magic. 

If you resonate with this, I want to make sure you know that I understand. It is NECESSARY for you to look after your own wellbeing in the process of raising small humans, and I hope this set can help remind you to prioritize your own magic. 

Set includes one of each tumbled stone:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz spiritual meaning:

Known as the Stone of Love, Rose Quartz is the perfect support for love, friendship, and beauty. It is said to boost relationships with others as well as a sense of self-love. Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and healing crystals available. It brings deep emotional healing and connection to the heart chakra and is a must when building a healing crystal collection or developing a practice using crystals. 


Lepidolite meaning:

Lepidolite is a powerful stone that is known for its ability to bring peace and emotional balance. It is thought to provide nurturing and calming energy that can help those suffering from addictions and mental illness. Additionally, it may help alleviate stress and open the mind, allowing for a deeper connection with one's higher self.


Fluorite metaphysical properties:

Fluorite is said to be an amazing stone for helping to alleviate challenges with ADHD and Concentration.  It is supportive of clear discernment to help with decision making. Fluorite is said to be powerful stabilizing stone, useful for grounding spiritual energy. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and has been found to be beneficial in boosting confidence and concentration. It is the perfect addition to a crystal collection for anyone experiencing burnout or a “dark night of the soul”. It enhances your aura and raises vibrations, allowing for more clarity of mind regarding spiritual matters. Fluorite  helps you to fully consider your feelings when you're  overwhelmed and allows a more coherent pattern to emerge that dissolves fear of the future, or of making a wrong decision. Fluorite is also an excellent crystal for helping one understand the nuance of relationships.


Citrine metaphysical properties:

Citrine is a wonderful addition to a money spell or abundance ritual. It also supports the Vagus Nerve. Citrine Spiritual Meaning - Citrine is said to be a powerful stone of transformation, enhancing energy levels and dissipating negative energy. Its cheerful yellow hue brings optimism and helps to bring positivity and prosperity into your life. It harmonizes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, providing balance and strengthening the intuition. Citrine is excellent for cleansing and recharging the chakras, helping to channel healing energy. 

*This ritual kit would be perfect too, for anyone struggling with negative energy and mental exhaustion* 


Angelite metaphysical properties:

Angelite is said to bring peace and understanding, to improve communication, and to enhance spiritual awareness. It is a powerful stone for spiritual development. Its calming energy dispels fear, anger, and anxiety, while promoting inner strength and courage. With Angelite, one can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is a great stone to use near you when you sleep. 


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**Please note photos are representative of stones you will actually receive. Due to the nature of natural pieces, each stone will vary slightly in color, shape. and size. You may received a bag in a different color as well. If you have preferences on color of bag, please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate the request. **