Banded Onyx Eight-Sided Tower Generator Crystal Obelisk Manifestor


Banded Onyx is said to bring strength to your emotional and physical body. The properties of this stone can create a feeling of self-confidence and self-control, fostering wise decision-making. It can also help to reduce grief, enhance happiness, and support positive health results in issues related to bones, bone marrow, and blood.

Metaphysical Properties of the Obelisk:

The shape of this Tower is a powerful conduit of metaphysical energy. It amplifies energy and helps balance mental, physical, and emotional health. Its tall, tower-like shape focuses energy out through the apex, allowing for a more potent healing experience.

Weight: 367-397 grams

Height: 5.5"-6.0"

Please note photos are a representation of what you will receive. Due to the nature of the product, color and size will vary slightly from piece to piece.