Chocolate Calcite Tower - Extra Large


Chocolate Calcite meaning:

Calcite is said to have purifying and rejuvenating qualities. It assists us in gaining fresh perspective and instills a sense of joy & peace. Calcite is also helpful for the development of a grounded spiritual practice, bringing clarity to the soul. It helps to clear energetic blockages, and is a great addition to trauma-release work.

Chocolate calcite in particular is a stone of peace. It is said to be highly grounding which stabilizes energy to provide a profound sense of inner balance and expanded awareness. It activates the root chakra and encourages you to follow your deepest aspirations and desires. It helps you nurture a hopeful and meaningful outlook on life. It is a stone of abundance and will help you open your awareness of prosperous opportunities. It is helpful in breaking negative patterns in our life and open us up to new possibilities. It is also said to create a sense of emotional stability by reminding you that all that happens will pass, encouraging you to use your energies constructively.

Chakras: Root

Weight: 2017g

Stunning, High Quality Cholate Brown Calcite Tower

*Measurements may vary slightly, but are as accurate as possible due to the nature of crystals and shaped stones.

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