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Our Chime Ritual Candles are the perfect addition to your magical practices as they are wonderfully suited for a variety of uses. The vibrant colors help you create a meaningful ceremony and enhance your home décor. See below for each candle color meaning.

Black is ideal for protection

It is used for transformation, banishing, cloaking, and to represent the unconscious or unknown.

Blue is ideal for spirituality. It is used for harmony, healing, blessings, and to represent forgiveness and inspiration.

Brown is ideal for grounding. It is used for practical matters and represents balance and fairness.

Gray is used for neutralizing or undoing.

Green is perfect for abundance, balance, and self-love.

Lavender is wonderful for tranquility and compassion. 

Orange is perfect for new beginning, encouragement, and creativity. 

Pink is ideal for love, beauty, healing grief, and compassion.

Purple is wonderful for empowerment, psychic expansion, insight, and divination. 

Red is used for sexuality, magnetism, courage, and vitality. 

White is primarily used for divine connection, innocence, and cleansing. 

White can be used as a stand-in for any color, though. This is true of white candles and crystal quartz stones. 

Yellow is ideal for inspiration, intellect, and concentration. 

Diameter: 7/16", Height: 4 inches. Burn time: up to 1.5 hours. Choose from 10 colors, price on listing is per candle.