Astrophyllite With Garnet Crescent Moon


Astrophyllite properties: Known as the Stone of The Self, Astrophyllite is a very rare stone that radiates with positive energy. It is said to be a stone of transformation. Astrophyllite assists you in connecting with your intuition and can help muster up the confidence you are struggling to find needed to make difficult but necessary changes in your life. Astrophyllite is said to be able to cleanse and balance all of the Chakras. It can also shed light on your Shadow Self and help you find the strength to face the more unflattering parts of yourself.

Garnet is said to be filled with vigorous and stabilizing energy.  It is said to be a stone of security and intellect. It has immense grounding energy and can aid in feeling both emotionally and physically safe and strong. 

These moon slices are roughly 4"-5" in length and each currently in stock varies in width but averages about 1 centimeter. In person, looking face on each stone is a very dark gray, almost black. When shifted one way in the light, the shift makes the stone look more like a warm, dark brown. When shifted the other way the stones look very dark and the beautiful blue, green, and silver ribbony sheen come through.  These are gorgeous stones! Pictures provided are indicative of results in both indoor lighting and directly in front of a window. 

 *Measurements may vary slightly, but are as accurate as possible due to the unique nature of crystals and shaped stones.

Due to variances in screens/monitors and lighting, colors may vary somewhat. We don't enhance or manipulate our photos. Sizing and exact color can be difficult to convey in photos and videos, and crystals tend to appear larger in them.