Angel Aura Rose Quartz Raw Stone Tower Rough Large Generator Points



Raw Angel Aura Rose Quartz Crystal Benefits:

Angel Aura Rose Quartz is a powerful healing crystal that infuses the aura with peacefulness, joy, and optimism. This Rose Quartz bonded with Platinum carries the energy of divine love and helps to access the Crown and Heart Chakras to stimulate deep states of serenity and purification. With its gentle healing energy and calming vibrations, Angel Aura Rose Quartz brings positive loving energy and happiness to the wearer.

Angel Aura Rose Quartz is a natural crystal with a permanent iridescent sheen, created through the process of bonding Platinum, Gold or Silver onto the surface. Its sparkling luster makes it perfect for creating a powerful crystal grid, for use in an altar, or as a statement piece of home décor.

Each piece ranges in size from 200-500 grams each and measure ~3"-4" tall.