Exceptional Rare Fluorite Botryoidal on Amethyst x Calcite Crystal Cluster Natural Mineral Specimen Composite Specimen


100% natural high quality rare fluorite ball on amethyst.

All photos are unedited and are taken inside under normal lighting conditions. We strive to represent all crystals accurately. If you have any questions please reach out!

Height: ~3 inches
Width: ~4 inches
Depth: ~2 inches
Weight: ~429 grams

Amethyst metaphysical properties: With its soft purple hue, Amethyst connects us to the crown chakra and energizes us to align with our higher purpose. Benefit from its soothing properties to reduce stress and stay connected to your goals. Amethyst has purifying and calming properties, creating an ideal atmosphere for spiritual cleansing. Amethyst metaphysical properties make it also useful in a money spell as it helps to calm the nerves around money issues. Amethyst is said to offer spiritual wisdom and is a natural stress reliever. Amethyst brings with it qualities to quell sadness, anger, and irritability. It sparks quiet strength and encourages higher-purpose

Fluorite is said to be an amazing stone for helping to alleviate challenges with ADHD and Concentration. It is supportive of clear discernment to help with decision making. Fluorite is said to be powerful stabilizing stone, useful for grounding spiritual energy. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and has been found to be beneficial in boosting confidence and concentration. It is the perfect addition to a crystal collection for anyone experiencing burnout or a “dark night of the soul”. It enhances your aura and raises vibrations, allowing for more clarity of mind regarding spiritual matters.